Careers and Apprenticeships

At Hillcrest we have very high expectations of our students. Great emphasis is placed on hard work, achievement and high standards of behaviour.


Useful links below to career opportunities, apprenticeships and advice and guidance:

Barclays Life Skills

Barclays Life Skills – Click Here 

A selection of Youtube Videos to improve your understanding about Aprenticeships

Understanding about apprenticeships videos – Click Here


Barclays Hire Apprenticeship Video

Barclays higher apprenticeship video – Click Here



Apprenticeships Explained – Click Here

Further Information  – Click Here

Top Tips For Applying For An Apprenticeship

Top Tips for apprenticeships – Click Here

The National Careers Service

The National Careers Service – Click Here 


TES 'Growing Ambitions' - Excellent Careers Website

TES – Growing Ambitions – Click Here


Careers Box - Short Films On Careers

Careers `Box – Short Films On Careers – Click Here


Careers Information In The NHS

Careers Information In The NHS – Click Here


Advice For Professional Careers

Advice For Professional Careers – Click Here


Build A Future That Is Right For You

Building a future that is right for you – Click Here


National STEM Center

The National STEM Centre – Click Here


Career Opportunities From Science and Maths

Career opportunities from Science and Maths – Click Here


What Do Employers Look For In Graduates?

What do employers look for in graduates – Click Here


Graduate Employment Statistics

Graduate Employment Statistics – Click Here


QA Apprenticeships

QA Apprenticeships – Click Here


Land Rover

Land Rover Apprenticeships – Click Here 


Big Ambition - A Digital Careers Website For 14-19 Year Olds

Big Ambition – Click Here

Not Going To Uni

Not going to uni – Click Here 


Education and Learning

Education and Learning – Click Here


Army Careers

Army Careers – Click Here


Careers and Apprenticeship Information

Careers and Apprenticeship Information

National Careers Service – Click Here

Further Education Skills (Apprenticeships) – Click Here

Barclays Skills – Click Here 

Step Into The NHS – Click Here

Total Professions – Click Here

Jaguar Land Rover Careers – Click Here

Apprenticeships QA – Click Here

Not Going To Uni – Click Here

Apply To The Army – Click Here 

I Could Website – Click Here