At Hillcrest we have very high expectations of our students. Great emphasis is placed on hard work, achievement and high standards of behaviour.


Hillcrest School are committed to ensuring that parents are kept informed on all the exciting events and activities that occur in school.  We use a system called ParentMail to communicate with our parents and carers.

You can use your ParentMail account from your computer, IPAD or by using our free mobile phone App so we can keep you informed of the following:-

  • Emergency or school closure information can be sent via text message.
  • Receive messages, newsletters and school letters via email.
  • Pay for items online, e.g school ties, revision books.
  • Pay for school trips online.
  • Top up your child’s dinner money.
  • View the meals that you child has purchased at the school canteen.
  • Keep up to date with school events and information.

ParentMail App

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, we would highly recommend you download the free ParentMail app so that you can make easy, online payments on the go.  To do this search for ParentMail in the App store.

We will be going completely cashless from 2nd September 2019 so you will need to be registered with ParentMail before this date in order to pay for school items as we will no longer be accepting cash or cheques.

If you need any additional information or assistance, please use the help site: where support is at hand to get started through simple step by step guides.

Need access to the internet to use ParentMail? 

We provide an internet access point in the school reception area for you to come into school to use ParentMail so you can top up your child’s dinner money account or pay for school trips online.

Not yet registered?

Registering with ParentMail is simple, all you need to do is make sure we have your most up to date email address and mobile phone number and just activate your account when you are sent a registration link. It only takes a minute and you can do this from a computer or mobile phone.

Please contact the school via 0121 464 3172 or email and request a ParentMail link to activate your account.