Dining At Hillcrest

At Hillcrest we have very high expectations of our students. Great emphasis is placed on hard work, achievement and high standards of behaviour.


Students may bring their own packed lunch if they wish. However, an excellent school meals service is available on a cashless cafeteria system before school, at break, and at lunchtime. Hot and cold food, snacks, sandwiches, and drinks are available and take account of vegetarian and cultural needs.

Students who need special diets for medical needs are also catered for. Parents are asked to contact the school in writing or by telephone if they need this provision.


Pricing and Free School Meals

Students are charged for each item they take so it is not possible to state the exact cost of a full meal; in general about £2.35 per day should be ample.

Students who are entitled to free meals are credited with £2.35 on their card each day which can only be used at lunchtime.

If your child is entitled to receive free meals the office will provide you with an application form. You are asked to produce your income support book or up to date letter, job seekers allowance or child tax credit information (not working tax credit), also if applicable asylum seekers details or pension credit details.


Cashless Catering

All students are issued with a swipe card, which can be ‘loaded’ with credit to pay for food. The machines for this are situated in the canteen.

Students top-up their card on a daily basis, others weekly or less frequently.

Parents can also write a cheque, which must be handed into the canteen before the start of the school day in order to be credited for that day.