How to help your child succeed
Making a difference …
·         The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert in any of the subjects your child has chosen to make a real different

You are an expert in knowing your child.

·         One of the hardest demands on students is understanding the long-term importance of doing the best they can, and learning to shelve short-term fun in the interest of long term benefit
·         Children will also differ in their levels of maturity, their ability to take responsibility for their learning, organisational skills and levels of motivation 

This is where parents come in. Your support, encouragement and interest can make a spectacular difference to your child’s motivation and ability to cope with the academic and organisational demands of the exam period.

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So what can you do to help?

• Discuss with your child what will be involved in the revision period and what your role could be.
• Provide the environment necessary for success. Students need a place to revise which is quiet, calm and comfortable. Probably the most important is quiet. A tidy room, but a visually stimulating study centre.
• Respond positively when they ask for help. Ask exactly how you can help and if you can’t help immediately, say when it’s convenient.
• Give plenty of praise and encouragement. Point out what they are good at. Tell them daily what they do well. Stay calm and don’t expect too much.
• Point out what they have done well if you look at their work. Don’t dwell on the errors – emphasise the positives.
• Keep them well supplied with food and drinks.
• Be prepared to listen when they want to talk about problems as everything becomes more emotional and heightened during the exam period.
• Encourage them to take regular breaks during long periods of revision.

• Unintentionally add to their worries by constantly mentioning the exams.
• Worry if their revision techniques seem strange or unusual.
• Make a battle out of whether or not they listen to music when doing their revision.
• Distract them unnecessarily.
• Expect them to study all the time as taking some time out to relax will have a positive effect on their work.
• Join in the general anxiety; be a picture of serene confidence.