What should I do if I have any further questions?

Please telephone or email so that we can help with your enquiry. Contact us here.


How Will I Know That Hillcrest Is The Right School For My Child?

The only way to find this out is for you and your child to visit Hillcrest and take part in some of the activities and events available to her from Year 4 onwards. These include Year 4+5 Taster Days where parents and pupils are able to spend a day or half a day with a Year 7 class at Hillcrest.

We also have Open Mornings and Evenings at various times in the year and you are very welcome to contact us for a tour and informal discussion at any time.

What Support Will She Have In The Move From Primary To Secondary School?

Once you have been offered a place at Hillcrest by the Local Authority, we will send you and your child a welcome pack and invite you to visit us for a morning.

This is followed in the Summer Term by a interview with a senior member of staff where you and your child get the opportunity to share with us the things she enjoys at school, any special talents and of course discuss any worries you or your child my have.

In July your child will visit us for the day and meet the students and teachers that she will be with in September. There is also on this day a meeting for parents’ and an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s form tutor. The uniform suppliers are also available at this meeting.

How Will I Know That My Child Is Doing Well At School?

You will receive information about your child’s ‘Getting It Right’ points and attendance every half term. You will also receive 2 subject reports during the year and have the opportunity to attend progress review weeks and parent’s evening.

However, if you have any concerns about your child’s progress at any time please contact for your child’s college learning leader who will be able to access the information you require.

What Do I Do If I Have Any Concerns About My Child At School?

Please don’t wait or worry about any concerns you may have. The sooner you ask, the sooner we can make sure everything is ok. If you have any concern’s about your child’s progress at any time please contact the your child’s college learning leader who will be able to access the information you require. In their absence senior staff will also be available to help.

What Do I Do If My Child Has Special Needs?

During the transition process from Primary School to Secondary School it is important that all information regarding your child is shared with our SENCo or a senior member of staff.

If your child is on the Special Educational Needs register or has a Statement of Special Educational Needs this care and support will continue and will be reviewed regularly to ensure every child fulfils their potential at Hillcrest.

If your child has any medical problem that is likely to affect her work or her life in school, please inform her Head of Year so that appropriate provision can be made.

How Will My Child Be Guided And Supported To Make The Right Choices About The Future?

From Year 7 your child will have access to a range of information, advice and guidance to help them consider all the opportunities available to them at each stage of their journey through secondary education.


This will range from activities, discussion and interviews with Form Tutors, College Learning Leaders, Learning Mentors, Careers Advisors and outside agencies and visiting speakers.

All students have the opportunity to take part in careers and enterprise education and undertake a two week work experience placement after their examinations in Year 11.

Will My Child Be Able To Stay Into The Sixth Form At Hillcrest?

From Year 7 it is hoped that all students will aspire to continue their education in the Sixth Form at Hillcrest. As part of the Oaks Collegiate Sixth Form they will have access to a full range of courses at different levels to suit their needs. However, through our information, advice and guidance programme we will ensure that you and your child are aware of all the options available to after the age of 16 and provide the support they need to make suitable choices.

Hillcrest students need to apply formally for a place in the Hillcrest Sixth Form; they will need to attend an interview and their school record will be carefully considered before a place is offered.

What Do I Do If My Child Is Ill?

When your child is absent, please telephone the school on the first morning to let the Attendance Officer know the reason. Otherwise, it is our policy to contact you asking for a reason. There is also a voicemail telephone service and parents may be automatically contacted if a student is absent from school. Continuous contact will be made until the telephone call is acknowledged. When your child returns to school she should give her form teacher a note from you giving the reason for the absence.

What Should I Do If I Have Any Further Questions?

Please contact us. For more information please visit the Contact page.