At Hillcrest we deliver a curriculum that works to develop effective, independent learners to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.  To achieve this staff use a “ten point outstanding lesson checklist” to plan their lessons, ensuring all lessons enable rapid and sustained progress.  The school also has a range of support and administrative staff who work with both students and teachers on a daily basis. The Hillcrest School curriculum meets the specifications of both the National Curriculum programmes of study and also the Birmingham Curriculum Statement. For more information about our school curriculum, please click here.

Teaching and Learning Checklist:

* Learning outcomes that challenge all students

* Differentiation to meet individual students’ needs

* Effective questioning techniques -No Hands Up Policy

* Review students; progress and adapt teaching in response

* Feedback that is both specific and challenging to deepen thinking

* Effective learning strategies and continually reinforced



Effective feedback should …

 * Be specific to the learning outcomes.

* Promote self-improvement/esteem

* Make clear the next steps a student needs to take to improve their work

* Be followed up with time to act on the feedback (DIRT)


Providing feedback in this way provides a dialogue between the teacher and student.  This then allows students to take responsibility for the feedback they are given as they are provided with time to act on the improvements.  (For more information on how assessment is conduced at Hillcrest School please read the policy which can be found on the policies page of the school website).

For queries relating to day-to-day teaching and learning, please contact Mr S Abbotts – Deputy Headteacher for Teaching and Learning.