Home School Partnership Agreement 2017-18

I/We have chosen to send my child to Hillcrest School, therefore I/We agree to:

The Parent(s)/Carer(s)

I/We will

  • Send my/our child to school regularly and on time
  • Inform the school promptly of the reasons for any absence
  • Ensure my/our child has all the necessary uniform, and equipment
  • Avoid, except in exceptional circumstances, appointments in school time
  • Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect her work or behaviour
  • Support my/our child in homework and other learning opportunities
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines. This includes all aspects of the ‘Getting it Right’ policy and the use of sanctions such as detentions.
  • Attend parents’ meetings and discussions about her progress
  • Take an active interest in her life at school
  • Encourage my/our child to respect school property
  • Encourage my/our child to treat all members of the school community with respect regardless of race, nationality, age, disability, religious belief, gender and sexuality identity and orientation and support the school in its commitment to promote ‘British Values’ in our school community.


The School

The school will:

  • Provide a safe, well-ordered and caring environment
  • Provide a high standard of teaching in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • Expect that all students should achieve of their personal best
  • Encourage high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility and ensuring that all students follow the ‘Getting it Right’ Policy
  • Keep you informed through regular newsletters about events and activities
  • Promote British Values and respect all members of the school community regardless of race, nationality, age, disability, religious belief, gender and sexuality identity and orientation.
  • Provide support for students to help them to keep safe in and out of school, including online risks such as child sexual exploitation, forced marriage and extremist radicalisation.
  • Reward achievements and use appropriate sanctions as necessary
  • Set and mark homework on a regular basis
  • Develop in students a responsibility for their own lifelong learning
  • Provide a range of extra-curricular activities
  • Provide quality careers guidance and advice

The Student

I will:

  • Attend school regularly and on time
  • Be organised and well-equipped
  • Behave well
  • Do homework, class work and coursework to the best of my ability
  • Talk to my parent(s)/carer(s) about school
  • Value the opportunity to learn
  • Wear the school uniform with pride and be tidy in appearance
  • Respect British Values and treat all members of the school community fairly regardless of race, nationality, age, disability, religious belief, gender and sexuality identity and orientation.
  • Keep the school rules and to follow the school ‘Getting it Right’
  • Attend any detentions or serve any other sanction which is issued to me
  • Treat the school building with care
  • Complete any duties with which I am issued as part of the school community e.g. Bin rota
  • Use my planner effectively
  • Pass on newsletters and other information to parents.


We will:

  • Support the school
  • Seek financial efficiency and value for money
  • Ensure school policies are updated regularly in line with current legislation, particularly in relation to the promotion of British Values and other safeguarding issues to protect the safety of all students (ie – Female Genital Mutilation, Extremist radicalisation, Child Sexual Exploitation, Forced Marriages and Honour violence)
  • Ensure compliance with statutory obligations
  • Monitor and review all aspects of school life
  • Meet regularly with the Headteacher and members of staff to discuss matters of issue
  • Seek to appoint high quality staff