Year 11 students are being challenged to develop their knowledge and use of quotations ready for their GCSE exams in May 2017. In addition to their usual English work at home, they’ve been given the first of a regular one a day quotation for one of the set texts they have studied and will have to write analytically about in their exam. Set texts are no longer allowed in the girls’ English Literature exam, so if your child is going to use a quote in her essay, she will have to learn it by heart. So, please encourage your child to put this sheet on their fridge at home beside their Monthly Maths Challenge and ask them to see if they can tell you who said it, what it reveals about the character and why the writer presented them in that way. Encourage them also to talk to you about the language in the quotation: can they identify a key word and explore its connotations or spot a technique the writer has deliberately used for effect? Click here to see further information and the challenge sheet for April.

Every little helps!

The Hillcrest English Team