On Thursday 27th March 2014, twenty-three intrepid journalists from the BBC School News Report team gathered in the newsroom at 8.30am. The first task of the day was to scour the day’s newspapers and the internet for interesting news stories that they could cover from different angles. At approximately 9.30am, students had finished selecting their stories and began the process of re-writing them in their own words, using several sources of information to check the reliability of their facts.

Overall, eleven news stories were selected which covered a range of areas such as: e-safety, the new one pound coin, mindless eating, takeaways and a self-correction pen. Students worked really hard all morning writing and editing their news stories before they handed them over to Miss Eddins to proofread. Once the necessary corrections had been made, the stories were handed over to the script writing team who had the tough challenge of including as many stories as possible in their bulletin.

Madona and Mai did a wonderful job of editing the stories down to create a short and snappy bulletin. They rehearsed their bulletin several times to ensure that their timing was perfect. Veen recorded the final version of the bulletin which was uploaded onto the BBC School News Report website at 2pm.

Overall, it was a very successful day and the students thoroughly enjoyed their experience as you will see from the comments below:



“I was always busy and never bored.” Najma

“I got to write the script and present the news with my best friend, Mai.” Madona

“My day was just great; Miss Miller, Miss Eddins and Mr Taylor helped me a lot whenever I got stuck.” Noor

“It was really fun going around and asking questions as well as recording!” Nabia

“I had a lot of fun and would definitely do it again.” Madihah

“We worked very hard today as a team, supporting and helping each other.” Samiksha

“Today was hectic but interesting at the same time.” Saba

“Today was really fun and I enjoyed it.” Benedicta

“I found today hectic, fun, exciting, interesting, different, hard work and very stressful.” Jenny

“I have enjoyed finding information and putting it together.” Fatema

“I really felt like I was a real news reporter.” Tong